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Project Duration

< 1 Week

👩🏻‍💻 My Role

1 of 3 UI/UX Designers

About the Project

In September 2020, Ashlyn Riambon, Ryan Hartanto, and I participated in the Adobe x Amazon Creative Jam. Alongside 600 other teams, we competed to make a tablet app that inspired high school students age 13-17 to #DiscoverDesign.

We ended up placing in the top 20, taking home an honorable mention for our work!


The Prompt

Design a tablet app (Android, Fire, iPad, etc) to provide a safe way for high school students (ages 13+) to #DiscoverDesign. This app should encourage students to:

Our Solution

Create a social media platform for high school students that allows them to discover different kinds of design. After taking a quiz that shows them what kinds of design they might be interested in, they are shown resources and given the tools to succeed in their fields of interest.

Source: Undraw

Source: Undraw

🧠 Our process

1. Some user research...

Although we weren't being evaluated on the type of research we conducted, we still knew it was important to create an app that spoke to the needs of the users. We sent out a short survey to people in our target audience – those ages 13 and up – to figure out what their biggest barrier was when it came to learning about design.


<aside> ✍🏼 Our results? We found that the majority of people said that they weren't sure where to start when trying to learn about design.


With this in mind, we knew our app would have to really guide our user from the very beginning. We tackled this by having them take a quiz that would show them types of design they may be interested in and then supplementing that with resources that they could refer to on their design journey!

In our survey, we also asked people what resources spoke to them the most – we found that people learned the most from YouTube videos, online courses, and podcasts.

2. Sketches

After sitting down as a team, we knew that we wanted our app to have the following: